19 May 2012

The Sunday Session: It's Back!

Well, well, well. Someone took a blogging holiday and forgot to inform the general population about it, didn't they? Please feel free to slap me on the wrist and tell me I'm a naughty girl. More on that later.....

It's almost Sunday here in not-so-sunny London and that means it's time to start The Sunday Session!
  • There are no rules.
  • On Sundays I play music on my blog.
  • Old or new or in between.
  • Related or not.
  • But always songs I love! 

Celine Dion - It's all coming back to me now
You can blame Glee for this one. I grew up on Celine Dion - my mother has been a fan since her days of singing in French and I guarantee that when we picked CDs for long car trips, Mum's entire selection was good old Celine! I hadn't listened to a lot of her stuff for a long time, but when Rachel Berry sung this in their Nationals performance, I got goosebumps. I honestly didn't think that anyone else could do this song justice, but Lea Michele is spot on. Saying that, the original will always be the best.

Emeli Sande - Next to Me
Not a brand new song, but it's been on high rotation on my iPhone since it's release. Emeli's song is catchy and really fun to sing too, with all those ooooh ooohs! I also happen to think Emeli has a really lovely voice and it's so nice to hear a song like this these days when the majority of the UK Top 40 is manufactured pop rubbish, dubstep or crap-rap.

Anyway, I hand over the DJ reins to you now. Share your choices on the linky!

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  1. Oooh! I LOVE Emeli's song! It's gotten quite a bit of airplay recently. LOVE IT!!