28 Mar 2012

I'm not in Kansas anymore

Picture sourced from PastonPaper at Etsy.com

 I have lived in London for almost five years now and there are still things that surprise me because they are so different to Australia. You know, like trains that come every two minutes, distances measured in miles instead of kilometers, £2 coins being bigger than £1 coins, winter being so incredibly cold. I could list more but you'd be reading forever!

At times, I hate the differences. Mostly though, they are reminders of the incredible journey that The Antipodean Man and I have taken. But there are many things that are the same too and I'm happy to make sure that I always keep a little bit of Australiana in my home and in my heart, like this great vintage map that I found on Etsy this morning.

There have been times lately whilst I have not been working and not had a lot to do at home or money to spend on going out that I have felt down about being here in the UK and have wanted desperately to go home back to Australia but the more I think about it, the more I realize that my home has become London. 

The Antipodean Man and I, we have family here, we have friends here, we (almost) own a house here. It was a huge decision to cut those ties, pack those bags and leave that family in the first place, almost six years ago, when we made our decision to plan to move to the UK, I wonder to myself, is it something that I really want to do again, when I'm not even finished discovering this wonderful place I call home?


  1. I know how you feel Jade. Soon, I will have lived in Australia for longer than I ever lived in Canada. That is a really scary thought. I will always be Canadian, because I speak like a Canadian and I was brought up there, but Australia is now my home. I can't imagine living anywhere else. Love your new blog. x

    1. Hi Shelly, thanks for your comment! I've still got a long time until I've lived in the UK longer than Australia but I still agree, that is a scary thought! I always wonder if my kids will consider the UK or Australia to be their "home", as we plan on raising them here until High School age which is when we will move back to Australia for good.