30 Mar 2012

One Fine Day

 The Antipodean Man took a day off work on Thursday to go to a Hospital appointment (he has sleep apnea) and I was expecting another boring day at home filled with moaning how bored he was and him hogging the TV and laptop whilst I ran around trying to clean around him. You can imagine my surprise at 10am when we were waiting for the bus to take us home when I suggested that we take a visit to have a look at our flat-building site-showhome to bug the sales people about prices again and with only a little bit of effort required, he agreed!

We got to the bus stop near the development and decided to have a late cooked breakfast at one of our favourite cafes, Maggie's and then, over many cups of tea and coffee and a huge slap up breakfast with all of the trimmings, decided to run up to Tescos to do our grocery shop so we didn't have to worry about doing it on Saturday in the weekend crush. The shops were completely dead and after a fifteen minute leisurely walk around Tesco, we'd finished, paid and were waiting on a cab to take us home.

Once we got home, The Antipodean Sausage needed walking and instead of a quick run around the block, the three of us walked down to the park and spent a leisurely hour and a bit in the spring sunshine, reading magazines, Instagramming and throwing the ball. One happy and tired pup and two happy dog owners later, we walked back home and spent the afternoon lazing around drinking tea and watching Downton Abbey (well I did, The Antipodean Man watched sci-fi and had an afternoon sleep, the lazy git.)

I forgot to mention this before, but this post is my addition to Glow's fabulous Flog yo' Blog Friday linky. You should go and check it out because a) Glow is an awesome blogger and b) There's lots of other awesome posts there you can read!


  1. Thanks for sharing! I'm popping over from FYBF, and am now following your blog to see what else you get up to. ;-) x

    1. Hi Cassandra Louise! Thanks so much for your comment and visiting my little corner of the net! <3