2 Apr 2012


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Poor Antipodean Man, he's not feeling well. He slept horridly with his monitor attached on Thursday night and he asked me to meet him for coffee after my agency appointment on Friday afternoon. I convinced him to come home early and he's slept pretty much the whole weekend.

Meanwhile, let's talk about the job hunt, shall we? I have been unemployed since last October, my last day at Le French Company was just after my Grandparents arrived on their six week visit to London. About half way through, we decided that I'd go back to Australia with them for a few weeks so I could see my parents new house in Brisbane. In December, I extended my holiday again by another month so I could spend Christmas at home. I got back to London on 23rd January. It's now almost April. I am still unemployed. There have been a few "almosts" and too many doors shut in my face to count. We are not struggling financially but we are not on easy street either and with a mortgage on its way, those purse strings are getting tighter.

At first, it was fun and I enjoyed all the free time I had. I dread the phone ringing because I just cannot be bothered to answer it in case it's just another knock back. I have one opportunity on the horizon that seemed promising. It has been a whole week since I had a proper update and I am getting ticked off now. People are on holidays and I am in jobseekers limbo.

I am frustrated, sad and scared but most of all, I am bored.

P.S. I wrote this post on Friday afternoon whilst I was at the park with the dog and have this addedum to add:

I had a call on Friday afternoon whilst I was sitting in the park where I take the dog each day and it was an update but not one I wanted to hear.

Someone else had been offered my job.

The company still wants me, but for something different now. It means I have to wait longer to have HR sign off on my new position and they cannot make a firm offer with the all important pay rate until this has happened. I was hoping to be able to start at a new company by April. The rate that this is going at, it will be May before I even set my foot in the door.


  1. That sounds frustrating Jade. Now, you'll be reluctant to keep looking while they get their act together. Maybe you should still keep your irons in the fire just in case this job falls through, and who knows if you get another offer in the meantime, maybe it will encourage them to offer a better rate to keep you? Good luck with it all. I look forward to hearing how it goes.

    1. It is frustrating but hopefully I will know 100% tomorrow what the heck is actually going on! Apparently they had to offer my position to another candidate who needed a firm offer before they could resign from their current position, which I totally understand, which means I'll be coming on as a consultant as opposed to a proper "headcount" - better for me as I won't be under any time limits for temporary workers but still, worrying as it's not signed, sealed and delivered! I am still working with other agencies, the market is quiet but my CV has gone to a few more places. Here's hoping April will be my month!