15 Apr 2012

Sunday Sessions

Hello Sunday Sessioners! I hope you've had a great week and an even greater weekend. The premise of The Sunday Sessions is simple:

  • There are no rules.
  • On Sundays I play music on my blog.
  • Old or new or in between.
  • Related or not.
  • But always songs I love! 

Here are my picks for this week. You can play along by linking up below. Can't wait to hear your picks.

I am seriously loving me some Dr. Dre & Eminem at the moment. There's something hauntingly beautiful about this song that just gets me, every time I listen to it. I've loved Eminem since I first heard "The Real Slim Shady" and this song is just a reminder of what a versatile musician he is. He does funny rap, serious rap and everything in between.

{Warning: This song does contain expletives}
Nicki Minaj is a bit like Vegemite. People seem to either love her or hate her. I think she's cute and quirky and her songs are fun (well the ones that don't seem to have an excess of swear words are). This has been my "getting ready" song this week and I've been caught numerous times by The Antipodean Man jumping around the bedroom dancing away to this song whilst applying makeup or brushing my hair!

Now it's your turn!

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