14 Apr 2012

Friday Thoughts (on a Saturday)

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I am such a naughty blogger! You can blame The Antipodean Man and his insistence that we stay up late and watch trashy TV for me not posting my Friday Thoughts last night as I had intended to! As usual, please do share your Friday Thoughts in the comments or at your own blog. Unfortunately, I've missed out on Flog yo' Blog Friday but do remember, it's the best link up of the week, so go and check it out!

Currently loving my morning coffee expeditions! This week, I've been catching the train with The Antipodean Man to the next suburb (or actually, it's a village) and treating myself to a huge coffee. It not only forces me to get out of bed in the mornings, which I'm struggling to do at the moment, but it also gives me a feeling of what it will be like to get back to the real world, once I'm employed again.

Currently thinking about my work situation. Still. The latest update is that it should be official next Thursday. After that, there's still reference and credit checks that need to be done. I'm hoping I might be able to start by the 30th.

Currently anticipating my week's holiday in Ibiza! We are leaving on Wednesday morning and I'm so excited! We go every year, to the same little beach side town and we have a week of doing not much at all. The party season doesn't start for another six or so weeks, so Ibiza is still a sleepy little island in the Mediterranean Sea where the most important thing to worry about is what side of the beach gets the most sun and has the best cafe.

Currently watching Friends. It's been my "ironing" show for as long as I can remember and I've had a lot of ironing to do this week!

Currently wishing that we could hurry up and get to summer, pay our big deposit on the flat and get a firm date on completion.

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  1. Have a fabulous time in Ibiza, very jealous! I love Friends, I haven't watched it for ages and I think I really need to have a marathon whilst doing some of my long-overdue ironing.